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Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Quest: Ninja Quest @ Jokamachi

There is a new quest and it's in Edo. Go to Jokamachi and meet a ninja. And he is your trainer. 
He is professional in Ninja style! Have you met Sasuke? Well as a matter in fact, He doesn't even look like Sasuke in Naruto. He looks like an old man that wears ninja. So weird huh? Sasuke is the boss of Black Shadow, Red Shadow and Green Shadow! So let me give you some info about the quest. The first one is meeting Red Shadow and Black Shadow. The second is Wiping the floor in Ooku Living Room. Next was the bowing on the door below the sign and then go inside and Run In The DoJo! Next will be the Rooftop Climbing and you will fall if you stepped on Old Tiles. Then you will go to Backstreet of Jokamachi and hide from the guards. Hide by using a blanket like the floor's color. And then you will do the leap on each waterlily plant in The Riverside of Edo. 2 rounds. And you will train once more to get the legendary boxes which can be collected and get the Legendary Ninja Suit. That's all I can give you....I hope you will enjoy your Ninja Quest because it is easier than the Pirate Quest! Good luck everyone!

Have a happy NINJA STYLE Pico life!

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